SERVICES – Registration & Titling

Registration and titling of cars

We take care of the titling and registration process of your car

E.g. for imported vehicles, alterations on vehicles (tires, rims, change of suspension/chassis, other conversions), vintage cars, youngtimer, trailer, caravans, etc.

Assignments – all over the country

  • Specification test & expert report for alterations and conversions
  • Measuring sound/noise and creating an expert report
  • Specification test & data acquisition for imported vehicles
  • Specification test & data acquisition for vintage cars (youngtimer & oldtimer)
  • creating technical data sheet
  • if applicable, technical expertise about the proper alteration/conversion
  • if applicable, proof of alignment of the chassis etc.
  • when needed, taking care of the registration & titling process with the local government
  • And more.


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