Picture documentation of the expert office and average agent Christian Eissner (Eng.)

Overview Transport damage | Vintage cars

Average Agent – Cargo damage

Examples of damages caused on the road, water and in the air

Photographic evidence: Cargo of shopping carts on the curb of the road

Cargo of
shopping carts
on the curb of the road

Photographic evidence: Container: Improper securing of cargoContainer

Container: Improper
securing of cargo

Photographic evidence: Salmon - see wrong temprature

Frozen salmon:
transported at the wrong

Photographic evidence: Shrimp - see wrong temprature

Frozen Shrimp:
Cooling failed,
total loss

Photographic evidence - Passenger ship

Passenger ship
side swiped

Photographic evidence: NNecatrines, freezing marks

with freezing marks

Photographic evidence: Damaged wicket gates

Damaged wicket gates for hydrogen power plant

Photographic evidence: Wet large Bags

Large wet bags
in the hull

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Oldtimer - Examples of surveyed cars

Images sorted by year, make and model


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